Make sure your destination’s message reaches new potential markets in a language they can understand. Experience translating museum guides, tourism bureau websites, tourism and gastronomy course curricula, resort marketing materials, and more.

Food & Beverage

Kate is a foodie and craft beer enthusiast who knows how important it is to deliver nuanced translations of food & beverage industry texts. With experience in translating marketing texts for wineries, olive oil ad campaigns, the gourmet foods section of a large Spanish department store and more, she can deliver accurate translations tailored to your food & beverage company.

Legal and Regulatory

Kate has experience translating a wide variety of legal and regulatory documents, including articles of incorporation, divorce and child custody judgments, terms and conditions of use and privacy policies for e-commerce and government websites, and documents for the Spanish Data Protection Agency.


Kate has worked with three leading Spanish universities to translate a wide variety of academic documents, including doctoral theses and articles to be published in international journals. She makes a great effort to research the topic and ensure that she’s using the appropriate terminology for the subject at hand.


Need to translate documents for a visa or other immigration application? Kate has experience translating marriage and birth certificates, background checks, diplomas and curricula for student visa applications, and more. She can also offer certified and notarized translations if required.


With experience translating for Spanish retailers and department stores, Kate has the specialized knowledge of industry terminology needed to produce translations that will present your products and brand in the best light.